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A Case Study: Natural Clustering Among Indian States
Authors : Varghese F,
Journal: IJBMR      Pages: 6-11
Selling India’s ‘Jewel’ in one rupee:The case of Air India
Authors : Prafulla Das,
Journal: IJBMR      Pages: 12-17
Water Quality Monitoring of Kham River, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Authors : Karhade Vedant Ramchandra, Prof. Jagadeesh Godihal
Journal: IJCER      Pages: 1-3
Matlab Implementation for Relative Assay of compression techniques
Authors : Jatinder Kaur, Sharnjeet Kaur, Dr. Sajjan Singh
Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 1-4
A Review on Privacy Preserving Social Big Data: Anonymization & Differential Privacy
Authors : Sandeep kour , Vinay Bhardwaj
Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 15-20
Assessment and filtering of mental state Image using Avalanche Oozing (A-O) Algorithm
Authors : Jatinder Kaur, Sharnjeet Kaur, Dr. Sajjan Singh
Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 21-25
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