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Advanced Control of On-load Tap Changing Transformer in Distributed Network
Authors : Menka Mishra,
Journal: IJEER      Pages: 15-18
Storage-Effective Deduplication by Improved Hashing Hybrid Computations SHA3 and Firefly
Authors : Er. Karmjeet Singh,
Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 25-30
Determining Planar Tile-drain Spacing (Axial) in Areas Subjected to Water-logging
Authors : Prasanta Biswas,
Journal: IJCER      Pages: 30-43
Development of an Improved Model for Assessment of Hot Spot Temperature of Current Transformers
Authors : Ganiyu Adedayo Ajenikoko, Emmanuel Babatunde Badmus
Download           Journal: IJEER      Pages: 19-23
Impact of System Average Interruption Duration Index Threshold on the Reliability Assessment of Electrical Power Distribution Systems
Authors : Ganiyu Adedayo Ajenikoko, Ridwan Abiola Oladepo
Download           Journal: IJEER      Pages: 24-38
Information Economy and Data Protection Laws: A Global Perspective
Authors : Unmana Sarangi,
Download           Journal: IJBMR      Pages: 19-39
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