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Storage-Effective duplication by Improved Hashing Hybrid Computations SHA3 and Firefly
Authors : Karmjeet Singh , Ramanjot Kaur
Download           Journal: IJCSR        Pages: 25-29
A Robust Image Mosaicing Technique Using Frequency Domain
Authors : Sarabpreet Kaur, Jyoti Patel
Journal: IJEER        Pages: 1-8
Simulation and Hardware Implementation of Fast Data Transfer between CAN Controllers
Authors : Kalayappan.RM, Kathiravan.N
Journal: IJEER        Pages: 9-14
Advanced Control of On-Load Tap Changer Transformer in Distributed Network
Authors : Menka Mishra,
Journal: IJEER        Pages: 15-18
Design Of Modified Data Driven Clock Gating And Look Ahead Clock Gating For Low Power
Authors : V.Nirmaladevi, Angel Prabha
Journal: IJEER        Pages: 19-23
Analysis of Support Materials in English Language Teaching and Learning
Authors : M. Kanika Priya,
Journal: IJECR        Pages: 5-7
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Design Of Modified Data Driven Clock Gating And Look Ahead Clock Gating For Low Power