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Modelling of Trajectory Moving Data with use of Social Media: A Review
Authors : Prachi Junwale,
Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 36-39
Metamaterial incorporation over microstrip antenna to ameliorate its property
Authors : Ranjeet Pratap Singh, Ravi Chourasia
Journal: IJEER      Pages: 73-77
Global Peace Governance Justice and Sustainable Development of Economies
Authors : Unmana Sarangi,
Download           Journal: IJBMR      Pages: 83-122
Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna with DGS for GSM application
Authors : Srashti Sharma, Vandana Vikas Thakare
Download           Journal: IJEER      Pages: 1-3
Research on Developing an Eco-Friendly Device to Reduce an Exhaust Emission of an I.C. Engine and Its Optimization
Authors : Pravin Shankarrao Nanure, Narayan V. Hargude
Download           Journal: IJMER      Pages: 1-7
A Survey on Evolutionary Optimization Approaches towards Medical Image Segmentation using Thresholding
Authors : Gokulananda Dash, Subhashis Mishra Debashis Mishra, Utpal DE
Download           Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 11-14
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A Survey On Evolutionary Optimization Approaches Towards Medical Image Segmentation Using Thresholding
Research On Developing An Eco-friendly Device To Reduce An Exhaust Emission Of An I.c. Engine And Its Optimization
Design Of Microstrip Patch Antenna With Dgs For Gsm Application
Global Peace Governance Justice And Sustainable Development Of Economies
Metamaterial Incorporation Over Microstrip Antenna To Ameliorate Its Property
Modelling Of Trajectory Moving Data With Use Of Social Media: A Review