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A Study of Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel
Authors : Vinoth kanna , Abdul Raguman A
Journal: IJMER      Pages: 1-4
Design and Review of Fuel Vaporization System
Authors : Mahesh Gupta, Pandey Priyanshu Ajay Kumar, Raunak Agarwal, Debanjan Samanta
Download           Journal: IJMER      Pages: 5-8
Econometric Analysis of the Developing Countries’ Trade Indicators
Authors : Dr. Debesh Bhowmik,
Download           Journal: IJBMR      Pages: 45-55
Perceptions of Consumers in Myanmar towards Purchasing Products Made In China: An Empirical Study of Students in a National Educational Institution in Yangon
Authors : Alexander Franco, Scott S Roach
Download           Journal: IJBMR      Pages: 56-64
Evitable Virgin Tourism Ecosystem a Paradigm Shift for Sustainable Tourism Venture Nurturing in India
Authors : Vikram Bansal,
Download           Journal: IJBMR      Pages: 65-70
Distributed Control System Application for Distillation Column
Authors : Marimuthu B, Nangai Abinaya S Ramraj S
Download           Journal: IJEER      Pages: 44-51
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Distributed Control System Application For Distillation Column
Evitable Virgin Tourism Ecosystem A Paradigm Shift For Sustainable Tourism Venture Nurturing In India