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Modelling and Simulation of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using MATLAB/Simulink
Authors : Rohit Pandey, Akanksha Garg
Journal: IJMER        Pages: 19-22
Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Test Suite Optimization
Authors : Jyotsna Agnihotri, Er. Vijay Kumar
Journal: IJCSR        Pages: 57-63
Mining of Data by WEKA Tool: A Review
Authors : Sharnjeet Kaur,
Journal: IJCSR        Pages: 31-33
Experimental Analysis on Mechanical properties of Concrete made by Demolished concrete aggregate and Quarry dust
Authors : RAVEESHA P,
Download            Journal: IJCER        Pages: 77-82
Design of a Hybrid Optical amplifier for 64 DWDM Channels network by using EDFA and Raman Amplifier
Authors : Bandana Mallick, Bibhu Prasad Dr. Krishna Chandra Patra
Journal: IJEER        Pages: 68-73
Matlab Implementation for Relative Assay of compression techniques
Authors : Jatinder Kaur, Sharnjeet Kaur Dr. Sajjan Singh
Journal: IJCSR        Pages: copyright/2948c2.pdf
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Matlab Implementation For Relative Assay Of Compression Techniques
Design Of A Hybrid Optical Amplifier For 64 Dwdm Channels Network By Using Edfa And Raman Amplifier
Experimental Analysis On Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Made By Demolished Concrete Aggregate And Quarry Dust
Mining Of Data By Weka Tool: A Review
Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm For Test Suite Optimization
Modelling And Simulation Of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using Matlab/simulink
Experimental Analysis And Statistical Optimization Of Effect Of Heat Treatment Distortion In Dip Variation In An Idler Gear
Novel Approach For Mixed Pixel Extraction From Remote Sensing Images