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Analysis of Process parameters by using Fluid Assisted Blank Holding System [FAB] for the steel 2062
Authors : Nitin K Kamble, Dr B U Sonawane
Download           Journal: IJMER      Pages:
Investigating Image Processing Techniques for Detection of Color Images
Authors : Dr Sandeep Kumar, Er. Divya Kapil
Download           Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 31-34
Techniques of Opinion Mining: A Review
Authors : Gurkamalpreet kaur, Arjinder singh
Download           Journal: IJCSR      Pages: 38-42
RF Energy Harvesting System for Wireless Sensor Devices: A Review
Authors : Bharat Mishra, Akhilesh Tiwari Pankaj Agrawal
Download           Journal: IJEER      Pages:
Dielectric Loaded Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna at 1.5 GHz
Authors : Ashish Duvey,
Download           Journal: IJEER      Pages:
Design and Implementation of digital FIR band stop filter for removal artifact from noisy ECG signal
Authors : Sumit Nigam,
Download           Journal: IJEER      Pages:
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